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We understand that crisp and clean layouts are essential to deliver the message effectively to the reader. Our team is experienced in handling a huge range of typesetting from the conventional to complex pagination or design. We offer typesetting for both digital as well as the traditional print medium along with Composition Services and XML-First Workflow. We are well-versed in handling the potentials of the latest software in the industry such as InDesign, Quark, 32b to provide you page layouts that are ready to be printed.


For any book, the illustrations, artwork or graphics are a crucial way to hold the interest of the reader and to effectively quicken learning. Our team of trained graphic designers help you design the right illustrations for your requirements. Our services include image resizing, image enhancement, correction of colours, composition, retouching, graphics creation and reproduction. We are knowledgeable in handling the latest graphics software including Photoshop, Illustrator and Coreldraw


We know that for a publisher, meticulous proof reading and editing are very essential for the accurate rendition of the book. Our trained proof-readers check your manuscripts thoroughly for grammatical and spelling errors. They also perform checking and verification of details, colour correctness, positioning and so on.


Book Indexing is an art. The main purpose of creating an index is to distil what's needed and to omit other segments. The relevance of a topic to the book should be evaluated and this is a skill that is acquired with experience. Our team can efficiently handle book indexing jobs of any length and complexity.


We offer you complete eBook Formatting Services that transform your manuscript or other input files into ePUB 2 & 3 format of excellent quality. Your books will not just look the best but also perform well on different devices. We take care of the entire eBook Production process right from presenting the content, encoding, handling HTML5, CSS 3 and editing, optimization of images and other illustrations. With Arinos, you are assured of ePUB2 & ePUB3 Services of exceptional quality at the lowest turn-around time.


We offer you Fixed Layout Conversions for image intensive books that require digital transformations with layouts similar to the source manuscripts. It is mostly used for Comic Book Conversions and other Illustrated Book Conversions. We provide you with ePUB 3 Fixed Layout that is accepted by popular eReaders and we also handle other customised conversions that are suited to the requirements and structure of your book.


Gone are the days when eBooks were considered as mere digital editions of a regular book. With improved eReaders and more books designed digitally, readers are looking for more functionality in an eBook. We epitomize this aspect in our Enhanced eBook Conversions incorporating a wide range of features like Read Aloud eBooks, embedded audio and video and adherence to HTML 5 formats.


With Interactive eBook Conversions, we transform the simple act of reading into an experience that engages and offers a visual treat for the eyes. Convert your plain old manuscript into a sound learning experience with rich multimedia elements. Passive reading morphs into engaging and interacting learning with our expertly animated Comic Books and eBooks, textbooks and other children's books.


We perform Nook eBook Conversions to transform your books into the ePIB Formats for all Nook Products including Nook Page Perfect, Nook Kids and Nook Comics. Nook Fixed Layout eBook Conversion ensures that your eBooks is supported on Nook devices. With Arinos, you are assured of exceptional output with stunning design. We also ensure that your book enjoys a rich layout on the devices of the end-user.


Our extensive knowledge and expertise offers our clients KF8, Mobi, Comics and Kindle Fire eBook Conversions that are precise, engaging and captivating. Our team of experts skilfully transform your content into Kindle eBooks of exceptional quality to provide the best eReading experience on Kindle. We take extra steps to ensure that the final product reflects the exciting functional features of the Kindle format.


We at Arinos specialize in PDF Conversions transforming your documents into Interactive PDF, PDF eBooks and searchable PDF files. With the latest tools at our disposal and our comprehensive knowledge of these tools, we can convert any paper manuscript, image, word documents, HTML or XML files into PDF.


Our XML services encompass content creation, validation and publication
We offer XML workflow for any content in Print including fiction and non-fiction books, technical documents like journals, encyclopaedias, academic, legal and medical titles
We handle content specific DTDs such as DocBook, MathBook, NLM, TEI etc. Some of the client centric DTDs we handle are TFB, CamML etc.
We convert documents from HTML, XHTML, SGML, Word, Excel, CSV, PDF, Text and other storage media to XML
XML Tagging Services
DTD, CSS and XSLT Creation and Development


We extract your data from different sources to transform it into a conveniently accessible digital format, which can then be handled easily.
We process your raw data in any format into textual, visual or tabular format.
Data Conversion Services include
PDF Conversion from & to Word, Excel, JPEG, OCR
HTML Conversion from & to PDF, Word
Print Conversion to PDF, Word, HTML, XML


Optical Character Recognition or OCR is the process of converting your data into a machine readable format or from a machine readable format to textual data.
OCR is more accurate and faster than regular data entry.
Your data is easily readable and is seamlessly integrated with zero data entry errors.
We can handle information from any format – such as paper files, forms, word documents and convert it into an easily accessible digital file.


As a Comprehensive DTP and Typesetting Provider, we do pagination of Journals, Technical & Medical Books, EBooks and Periodicals
As a part of the digital book production process, we create pagination and format chapters into pages and make sure to avoid widows and orphans when it comes to paging
From simple texts to lengthy manuscripts, we ensure to include the right paging for each book


HTML5 strikes the right balance between being readable by both humans and machines, with an enhanced support for multimedia. This makes it the ideal choice for eBook Content creators
We convert your eBooks and Apps into HTML5 with increased functionality, performance and speed
HTML5 helps create interactive eBooks and Apps that enrich user experience
Reach a wider audience on a wide variety of devices, by converting your eBooks and Apps to HTML5


Image Scanning – We do conversion of your hard copy images into the required digital format
Image Compression & Resizing – For easy use on Internet and Social Media
Image Processing – We combine multiple image blocks into a single image. Our Image Processing Services include: Filtering, 2D and 3D Visualisation, Mosaics, Feature Extraction, Image Enhancement & Editing


We provide you with efficient conversion of documents from different formats into word documents of exceptional quality.
We handle Word Document Conversions from & to PDF, XML, HTML & Print.